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Our History

With Tennessee roots and a national reach, Olsen's has been a pioneer in the packaging industry since 1981. We believe that Olsen's Packaging & Parts is able to offer the best blend of in-depth technical expertise, a proven ability to quickly comprehend our client’s packaging needs, as well as promptness and agility in designing and delivering high-quality, custom-made packaging solutions.

A privately-owned, family company, our culture is very much about delivering on our promises and building solid relationships over the years with valued clients in a wide variety of sectors. This all began with our founder, Jim Olsen, when nearly 40 years ago, he incubated a new company in his garage with a few shelves and a handful of would-be clients that needed someone they could depend on in the packaging world.

From that garage, to a converted barn, to a commercial building, to our present shop and warehouse, Olsen's Packaging has grown from a fledgling dream into an innovative firm represented by over 100 years of packaging expertise.

A Look at Some of Our Company Highlights

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A Humble Beginning...

In 1981, Jim Olsen, a packaging equipment service tech, ventures out as an entrepreneur to begin his own business of servicing customers' machines and selling replacement parts. Jim starts the company in the garage of this modest home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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A Makeshift Office in a Horse Barn…

After much unexpected growth, the company moves into a barn with space that is converted into a makeshift office and a parts supply room. It is here that the company begins adding equipment sales.

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A Brand New Building…

Due to overwhelming demand and a lack of space, a brand new building is built containing administrative offices, a full parts department, and a new equipment shop. It is here that J & D Equipment is launched as Olsen's entry into manufacturing shrink packaging machinery.

Current Building Picture

Much Demand Leads to Real Growth…

With continual growth and additional services being offered, Olsen's Packaging & Parts moves to a much larger commercial building with new offices, expanded parts warehouse, fabrication shop, along with an enhanced equipment manufacturing space.

Weldotron Picture

Olsen's Acquires Weldotron Corporation…

At the turn of the millennium, Olsen's Packaging enters into a new era by acquiring the well-known Weldotron Corporation. Additionally, David Olsen, Jim's youngest son, takes on the day-to-day operation and leadership of the company. As David grew up in the family business around his father, he learned the packaging industry and was poised to take the helm.

C-PAK Picture

Another Acquisition…

C-PAK, well-known for building large custom-made shrink packaging equipment, is acquired by Olsen's Packaging. This acquisition positions the company for long-term growth and versatility in the shrink equipment marketplace.

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Our Future is Bright...

A new chapter begins. Building on the nearly 40-year legacy that founder Jim Olsen established and David Olsen faithfully continued, 2020 ushers in a new era of opportunity. Jason Dickey, Jim's son-in-law, returns back home to Tennessee and joins the team. Jason worked at Olsen's in his early adult years. He and his family moved away affording him the opportunity to acquire business training, hone leadership skills, and develop business acumen. The draw of family and friends drew Jason and his family back home to Tennessee. It soon became evident to Olsen's that Jason needed to become part of the family business once again and bring his leadership experience to launch the company into the next decade. Jason adds a new organizational structure and a renewed vision to lead the market in packaging machinery innovation.

Leadership Team

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Jason Dickey


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David Olsen


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Jim Olsen


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